About Us

  • Our Project Approach

    Before the first shovel is turned, we review every aspect of a project to ensure on-budget and on-time results. This management approach enables us to identify schedule challenges and proactively pinpoint solutions to ensure each building project remains within budget guidelines and timeframe parameters. Quality without compromise is our mission and our promise to our clients. Over the past three decades, we’ve established a time-tested prequalification process for our subcontractors to ensure that the highest standards of excellence are consistent throughout the construction team.

  • Quality Assurance and Control

    We maintain and enforce an established, written Quality Assurance Program that provides controls in all major areas of our business to reduce variation and assure that the highest standards of excellence are maintained – from jobsite maintenance, to carefully orchestrated delivery schedules through to the final certificate of occupancy. Sub-contractors are also required to employ and follow a Quality Assurance Program that includes documentation of inspections, audits and procedures. Seasoned project management and planning reduces project-related errors and minimizes the occurrence of “project creep”, which can lead to additional and unexpected expenses.

  • Safety Program

    Bill Bryant & Associates maintains and enforces a written safety program in order to maintain controls that ensure the highest standards on the job site and in the finished product. Subcontractors are also required to submit their written safety plans before the pre-construction meeting commences.

  • Scheduling

    Proactive project management helps us to identify scheduling challenges and find solutions ahead of the curve. We conduct pre-construction meetings and site visits with subcontractors and materials vendors inviting input and ideas to establish an accurate comprehensive project schedule. This built-in project process ensures that we reach our mutual budget and deadline goals. As the management team, we take a leadership role in monitoring and maintaining the schedule throughout the project. Utilizing Microsoft Project software we create a schedule that identifies all activities, durations and verifies critical shop drawings and submittals for procuring long lead items. Major activities are broken down into smaller tasks that are monitored daily by the job superintendent and updated weekly.

  • Subcontractor Qualification and Selection

    All subcontractors are pre-qualified prior to the bidding process utilizing a written application that requires information about their company, copies of licenses, list of jurisdictions in which they can legally do business, related work experience, bonding capacity, financial statements and trade, architectural and bank references. Comprehensive instructions are prepared for bidders as part of the construction documents including a complete set of blueprints, specifications, cut sheets, diagrams and clearly delineated instructions. With a clear understanding of the scope of work, the final AIA agreement with each contractor includes clearly defined responsibilities of their trade as defined in the plans, specifications and instructions to bidders.

  • Pre-Construction Planning

    Once the construction team is selected, we facilitate an on-site pre-construction meeting to work out expectations, critical details and potential pitfalls to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to quality time after time. In addition to representatives from each subcontractor, architect, and the superintendent and project manager from Bill Bryant & Associates, we also welcome the project owner and representatives from the utilities, county and/or city that are relevant to the project. Following introductions, project permits, Notice of Commencement, project schedule and job site rules are distributed and reviewed by the construction manager. Following an explanation of the submittal process, procedures for requests for information, daily field reports, change orders and payments are discussed.

  • Client Progress Reports

    Bi-monthly progress report meetings are recommended to maintain optimum progress and an open channel of communication. Clients are welcome to schedule on-site visits and project managers or superintendents are required to take photos on a weekly and daily basis, as needed. These images are stored in our database and available to clients via email or in the password protected Progress Report section of this website.

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