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The Bill Bryant & Associates, LLC team of highly trained construction industry professionals has built some of the finest custom homes and commercial facilities on the Treasure Coast.

Since 1981, the landmarks that we’ve built are a testimonial to the relationships that we’ve established over nearly four decades.

Bill Bryant & Associates has invested considerable time and resources in understanding sustainability in construction and how to economically and responsibly implement it. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a third-party certification program and is considered the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings. Our experience allows us to help you evaluate the value as well as challenges of pursuing LEED certification for your building and can implement sustainable green building and development practices.

As one of Florida’s leading state-certified general contractors, we share a vision for uncompromised quality and a dedication to working collaboratively with our customers and subcontractors beginning with pre-construction services to checking off the details on the final punch list.

Project Management

Project Management

Bill Bryant & Associates LLC offers a structured and controlled approach to construction project management for the delivery of successful projects. We efficiently manage solutions during all stages of project development from inception to completion.

Residential Construction

Residential Construction

The residential project management team at Bill Bryant & Associates have built our sterling reputation on a passion for building custom dream homes and renovating cherished residences that are the fulfillment of our clients’ vision

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

From professional buildings to commercial complexes and large shopping centers or municipal campuses, Bill Bryant & Associates provides cost effective, diligent attention to your bottom line and schedule.

LEED Certification

LEED Certification

Bill Bryant & Associates has invested considerable time and resources in understanding sustainability in construction. Our experience allows us to help you evaluate the value as well as challenges of pursuing LEED certification for your building and can implement sustainable green building and development practices.

  • Your company did an excellent job of coordination with the landlord and Schwab vendors for telephone, data and furniture. It made my job of coordination from across the country so much easier knowing that I could depend on you.

    Ann Nisson, Project Coordinator, Charles Schwab
  • Your team has put together one of the best products that I have designed in the past decade. Their diligence in keeping work in place and good condition was better than any I have worked with in a long time. The craftsmanship on this project was terrific. Save this project, I have not had one in the past 30 years that did not have at least one punch list item for painting.

    Gregory John Burke, Architect, P.A.
  • Restaurants present special challenges for contractors in coordinating not only standard trades, but equipment, hoods and other specialty trades, as well as design finishes and client needs. Bill Bryant & Associates staff have demonstrated the ability to meet these challenges and perform with quality results. I am impressed with how well they worked with the building authorities. The relationship that your firm enjoys with the Building Department was invaluable in painlessly obtaining permits, for maintaining steady progress through inspections and the inevitable design revisions. The selection of subcontractors was also well done as they performed in a professional and cooperative manner.

    James N. Archer, AIA Architect
  • Bill Bryant & Associates were selected the contractors for the addition/renovation of the Sebastian Fire Station (EMS #8). This was a challenging project. The budget restraint was very strict, the allowed construction time was inflexible and the station had to remain fully operative during construction. They completed the project ahead of schedule, with minimum change orders and a very small final punch list (which was completed to our satisfaction). Their attention to detail and customer satisfaction is evident both in the completed work and their professional administration of the reports, releases, applications, etc. required of municipal projects.

    John F. Binkley, AIA Architect, Edlund & Dritenbas Architects, P.A.
  • The ongoing workmanship being accomplished here at Vista Plantation is first class. I wanted to personally write to thank you and all of the employees who are involved. It was my pleasure as a past board of directors member to be a part of the process that selected your company to be the general contractor for our window installation. Not only is the project efficient, clean and thorough from beginning to end, your employees professionally do their jobs and are polite, courteous and respectful of our residents and our property.

    Mal R., Past President of board of directors and resident of Vista Plantation
  • We have been a client of Bill Bryant & Associates for over 10 years. They have managed and provided a wide array of services for us including the construction of new restaurants, remodeling of existing restaurants, parking lot expansions, hurricane damage repairs and more. They have excelled at completing our projects on time and within budget. In the process I found the staff to be highly competent, good communicators and of great integrity.

    Mark A. Holm, Managing Partner, Fast Food Enterprises 2, LLP
  • Bill Bryant & Associates, Inc. is not a only a professional business, but also a caring one. They take great pride in their accomplishments. They always kept the project team and their requirements in mind, including the budget we had with which to work. The main library has been a landmark since it was originally built in 1991. The expansion by Bill Bryant & Associates makes it even more so.

    Mary D. Snyder, Library Services Director, Indian River County Main Library
  • The reputation of Bill Bryant & Associates, Inc. as a general contractor for quality workmanship and professionalism is exemplary along the Treasure Coast. Their Staff and selected subcontractors have a proven track record of successfully completing all their projects in a timely manner, regardless of the scope of work that includes residential, commercial or mercantile. As a past client, we are pleased with their performance and continue to recommend their services.

    Michael Lue, President, P.E., ML Engineering, Inc.
  • Your company and the construction team made every step of the construction process as smooth as possible. The suspicions that I came into the construction process with were quickly dissipated as I became more and more confident that I was dealing with pure professionalism. I am aware of the great complexity involved with creating a workspace for the high tech machinery we house, such as an MRI, CT and X-ray machine. In the end, after the final punch list was exhausted, I can truly say that the installation was, in a nutshell, perfect.

    Robert R. Brown, MD Managing Partner, Advanced Medical Imaging
  • It is with pleasure that I write to recommend the services of Bill Bryant & Associates as a general contractor. Over the last 10 years it has been my good fortune to have used the services of Bill Bryant & Associates on the last three occasions for construction work on my homes. In the first instance they added a bedroom and reorganized the utility room. We left the area in mid May of that year and returned in late October to find the work completed, the room set up with furniture ready for occupancy, and not a single thing that was not done to our total satisfaction.

    Robert Y., Vero Beach, FL
  • It has been over thirteen months since we began the build out on my dental office space in Bridgewater. The office build out was extremely challenging due to the extensive amount of complex plumbing and electrical work required to include medical gases and radiological equipment in all treatment rooms. I am now happy to report to you that after 10 months of patient care that all systems are working perfectly. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of construction and the appearance of the final product. I can honestly say that every time I walk into my dental office, I feel good about the way it looks and take pride in the quality of construction.

    Roger D. Clay, DDS, PA, DBA, Vero Beach Dental Care
  • About three and one half years ago, Chris Bryant of Bill Bryant and Associates began helping save me from my nightmare. I was unfortunately very naive when it came to selecting a contractor to do the build out for my new veterinary practice. I talked to other business owners in the plaza who had used the contractor with good results. Several months into the renovation, I was past the date of completion with less than 50% of the work completed. Additionally, sub-contractors were contacting me for payment because my contractor had not been paying them. I was running short on funds, time, and sanity. I thought there was a good chance my business plan would never come to fruition and I would end up bankrupt. I presented Chris Bryant with my dilemma. Chris was willing to take on the disastrous project and immediately started righting the ship, obtaining all permitting in his company's name, bringing in new contractors and officially firing my old contractor and getting work resumed. He worked with me regarding my now reduced budget to make sure we could finish the hospital with the funds I had left. Every day significant progress was made with all aspects of the construction. He pointed out all of the things that had been done improperly and therefore would not pass inspection, then got all of the issues quickly resolved so not to hold up the project. Each day he demonstrated amazing organizational skills; contractors showed up when they were scheduled, inspections were performed in a timely manner, problems were quickly rectified, and the site was immaculate at the end of the work day. Had I started with Chris Bryant from the beginning, I would have been in business 6 months earlier and avoided countless sleepless nights. I plan to build my own free standing facility in the next few years.' will certainly have Chris Bryant head the project. I do not hesitate to highly recommend Chris to any other business owner looking to start a construction project. Your project will be handled professionally, done on time, efficiently, and properly.

    Dr. John Joyce, Regal Animal Hospital
  • (From a letter to Dyer Chevrolet) Dear Mr Dyer, Thank you so much for your generosity to the community. Thought you might be interested in how I found out about the Black Friday Raffle. Your associate from the construction company, Mr. Christopher Bryant was outside my place of employment in the parking lot where his company had work. I overheard him mention a "FREE" car as I was walking by.  I was compelled to ask about it. He had no lack of good things to say about Dyer Chevrolet and he kindly referred me to call Mike Ciemko. My daughter was in urgent need of wheels. she is a single mom, lives alone with 1 small toddler in a remote home in Vero Beach. I had no means to help with getting her a car. So, we were struggling with the transportation problems, school, work, etc. I immediately called Mike Ciemko , who was so helpful and gave the when and the where of the Raffle. I told no one. LOL ... thought I was crazy for joining in this Black Friday madness at 6am, or was it 5am...1 should think more positive but I didnt think I'd win a car! I wanted to see what would happen. So out of curiosity, or my guardian angel woke me up on Black Friday in the middle of the night, and I made my way over to Dyer Chevrolet on US1. Everyone was so nice. I was anxious and needed their good hospitality. 6am came and 3 numbers were called, but not mine. It was your associate Christopher Bryant who handed me his winning ticket. He said "this is for your daughter" then he smiled and I almost cried, I was really touched by all the good people that came around me. it was all really above and beyond. I just need to let you know your people, and staff especially my salesperson Brittni Carpenter, Mike Ciemko, and last but not least, Christopher Bryant are wonderful people. May God Bless You and all your staff a thousand times! Merry Christmas and all the Best for the New Year!

    Tamara H.